Software testing is among the important stages of developing a software. Testing is all about identifying faults in a software product. Early planning of the software testing process and testing basing on the user requirements other the client should be done. In software testing the process is exercised by a professional software tester. There are various testing methods depending on the software tester, the testing can be of either structural or functional features of a software Below are some points about software testing method categories.

More on the software testing methods is the unit testing. The basic faults are now recognized like the syntax and logic errors the testing can be structural where one identifies the code errors or the functionality where the results faults are identified. The testing can be done by a single tester or a group of testers. More info on unit testing an error can be corrected before moving to the next stage. The unit testing is the most crucial since a recurring error can lead to unidentifiable errors in the integration stage.

Here is another category of testing where testing is done after grouping the units together for a more sophisticated functionality. Errors not identified in the unit testing can be identified in the integration testing. These group of the integrated units should be functionable and should lack errors. System testing is the testing of the complete system on the user’s computer. The system testing deals with the functionality of the system.

More on software testing categories is the interface testing. The interface should meet the customers requirements or the agreed requirements. The interface projection should be eye catching for users and easy to understand so as to allow easy marketing of a software developers product. Acceptance testing is checking whether the software is appreciated by the users and the owners of the company. Managers should give reviews about the new software installed in their systems and ask for support where the are unable to understand.

Non-functionality testing can be done to ensure that the software performs as required. Adding a lot of work to the software system and checking its performance is one basic way of non-functionality testing. In maintainability testing the recovery of the system is tested and checked by the system tester such that it may reduce the maintainability cost. While installing a software to a computer it should run without any struggles or errors. Basing all the testing on the above categories is highly advisable for amateur and professional testers.